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“101 Tips for a Happy Marriage” is aimed at preserving the wellbeing and longevity of the family, which is the pillar of society. Islam gives great importance to the family and has many regulations in this regard to maintain a healthy and loving relationship amongst family members, especially between the husband and wife.

These are tips given by Sayyid Ali Khamenei to the bride and groom to be, on living together in harmony, the compatibility of men and women, the role of marriage in reaching human perfection, the Islamic approach towards marriage, the importance of family, and dealing with differences and marital conflicts.


~196 pages


5.5x8.5 in


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Syed Naqvi
Overall, helpful and insightful

This book curates a selection of the author’s speeches to deliver to the reader 101 tips for a happy marriage. While a few tips may seem a bit repetitive, there are noteworthy distinctions between tips that are similar that must be reflected upon by the reader. All the tips are timely and practical for today’s youth and marriage-age individuals. This is a must read for all to understand what marriage entails, (after some reflection) a more in-depth idea of what type of spouse one should seek, and how one should develop themselves to be a good spouse and create a lasting and LOVING marriage.

Kassem Elsaghir
Great read

Practical tips that help one understand their role in a marriage!

Sayyada Saba Naqvi

101 Tips for a Happy Marriage

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