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The life and times of the great companion Jabir Ibn Abdullah Al-Ansari

By Jaffer Ladak
Edited by Arifa Huda
Published by Islamic Publishing House

A Star Amongst the Stars offers the reader the first dedicated analysis of the like of this great companion of the Holy Prophet, Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari and takes references from both Sunni and Shi'i sources.

Chronicling his life from Medina, his interactions with the Caliphs and Imams of his era, the book aims to provide a unique understanding of Jabir's esteemed position in shaping the intellectual and spiritual development of Muslim thought to reconstruct the role of the Ansar in early Islam as a means of contemporary guidance and answer the question of the role of the companions in Shi'i and Sunni polemics.

Pages: 308

ISBN 9781927930271

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