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By Sahar Jaber

This book aims to answer the many questions Muslim youth have surrounding the hijab in the most comprehensive way possible. We all may have asked this particular question at one point in time, yet we may not have been provided with a sufficient answer. This book explores this question in-depth and encourages children to have the confidence to ask why? Empowering our children with information underpinning Islamic practices will cultivate their confidence while enacting these practices. It will serve as a positive drive for them to perform the task and a continual aspiration to do better.

In this book, the protagonist, Leya, finds herself conflicted when trying to understand as to why she feels the hijab is special. She realises that the hijab is an important part of being a Muslim but doesn’t quite understand why. She begins her quest to find the answer. She relies on knowledgeable and influential family members and community members to help her on her journey. In the end, she comes to understand better why Allah (swt) has bestowed Muslim women with the gift of wearing the hijab.

Hardback Cover

48 pages

Each book comes wrapped and with a novelty gift. 

A Figs and Olives Publication


“But why is the Hijab so special?’ was a true joy to read! May Allah bless Sister Jaber! I am so glad to see our youth have begun to enter the field and write on Islamic topics in the right way. I found the reader could easily compare herself to the main character. She was the right age. Many Islamic moral values and traits were clearly demonstrated in the story. The lesson was clear. The language was at a child’s level.”
Sheikh Usama AbdulGhani

“I liked the humor, pleasant family & community interactions. The hijab’s philosophy that the book explains is quite deep, & not the stereotypical reasons.”
Tahera Kassamali

“Why is the hijab so special?’ warmed my heart. At a time when the modern world is making it difficult for our young daughters and sisters to outwardly practice their faith, this book gives them a chance to claim back their narrative and assert their identity as proud Muslim women. Every parent should have this gem at home for their child to understand the hijab before they are crowned with it. I await the nights I read this with my daughter, God willing.”
Sayed Hussein Makke

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