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From Medina to Karbala: In The Words of Imam al-Husayn-al-Burāq

A complete collection of Imam al- Husayn’s discourses, both oral and written, from his first conversation with al-Walid b. ‘Utba, the governor of Medina and Marwan b. al-Hakam, to the last words to leave his blessed lips of the day of Ashura.

Find out the truth of Imam al- Husayn’s mission in his own words 

With the original Arabic text, colour maps of Imam al-Husayn’s journey and a commentary on each discourse.



“Keeping the message of Imam al-Husayn alive is a duty of every Muslim who wishes to honour the Prophet and his message. The present book by Ayatollah Najmi puts the message of al-Husayn before our eyes in his own words and sayings. The beautiful rendition of Dr. Fakhr-Rohani makes this message evermore accessible for the English reader.”
Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Bahmanpour, Head of Research, Islamic Centre England 

“This book marks an important moment in the history of Shi‘ism in the Western world... an absolute must”
Dr. John Andrew Morrow, Associate Professor, and Distinguished Faculty Member at Ivy Tech

"Certainly one of the most significant contributions to Ashura literature. It deserves to be incorporated in any library which claims to offer important resources on the history and character of Shi‘ite Islam."
Rev. Dr. F. Peter Ford, Jr. Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Near East School of Theology, Beirut, Lebanon

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