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HE: His Messenger and His Message (Propagating the Message of Islam)-al-Burāq

This publication is designed to cater for the spiritual need with a particular emphasis on grooming Muslim mind and thinking. Utmost efforts have been made by the Seminary to put forth in its publications what is really authoritative and authentic in Islam. You are requested to kindly go through this book in the spirit in which it is intended. Propagating the message of Islam is a task which calls for the cooperation of all. Thus it is that we have been able to present this book, small in size but vast in content, to our contemporary youth and the rising generation who have unfortunately been influenced by Western thoughts and culture. We earnestly pray that they may realize their error and return to the Right Path, the path of truth, guidance and light.


1) Faith in Allah

2) Scientific Argument

3) Definition of the Methodology and Its Steps

4) Evaluation of Methodology

5) The Philosophical Proof

6) Attributes of Allah

7) General Features of Prophethood

8) Prophethood of Muhammad

9) Role of Effective Factors

10) Islam

11) Worship, A Constant Human Need

12) General Features of the Acts of Worship.

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