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Translated by Ali Quli Qara’i

This book was originally written by the great Muslim thinker and reformer Āyatullāh Murtaḍā Muṭahharī on Mysticism for B.A. students at the faculty of theology of the University of Tehran. The original book was published after Muṭahharī’s martyrdom

A succinct yet deep exposition of the principles of Islamic theology are discussed such as a brief history of ʻilm al kalām and its various schools (Shīʻites, Muʻtazilites and Ashʻarites), the doctrines of tawḥīd, divine justice, retribution, free will and freedom, independence and validity of reason, the vision of God, the infallibility of the prophets and the Imāms, intercession and more.

The reader will get a concise picture of the foundational aspects of Islamic theology that can lead to further inquiry. 

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