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Quranic Reflections Book II

Reflection is a key ingredient to learning. It creates awareness and helps to make connections. To reflect means to take information and apply your own brain power to it, to digest and internalize knowledge after having chewed on it with the nerves of the brain.

The Holy Quran often invites believers to reflect. It asks them to think about:

  1. Nature – Those who … reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth (Q 3:191)
  2. Themselves – Do they not reflect on themselves (Q 30:8)
  3. The Quran – Do they not then reflect on the Quran (Q 47:7)

The messages in the Holy Quran are meant to guide believers and change their lives. They can have maximum impact when the verses are read, understood and reflected upon. This book contains brief reflections on thirty verses of the Holy Quran.

Use this book during any month to strengthen your relationship with the Holy Quran and gain inspiration from its beautiful words.

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