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Secrets to Happiness: An Inspiring Journey Into Chapter 20 Of The Holy Quran-al-Burāq Sold out
By Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli
Published by Noor Islamic Publications

Includes forward by Ayatollah Sayid Fadhil Milani

What are the secrets to happiness? We all pursue it - but can we truly be happy in this world?

For centuries, many people claimed to have unravelled the secrets to finding happiness, to the extent that a ‘happiness industry’ has become prevalent across the world.

The answers to these and many of life’s questions lie in the inimitable Book of God.
Cloaked in meaningful stories and practical lessons, the Holy Quran is an infinite source of inspiration and guidance for humanity.

In this unique analysis on the 20th chapter of the Holy Quran - Taha - the author
discusses contemporary challenges using numerous Quranic verses, as he examines and reflects upon the idea of happiness through the lens of the Creator’s own unique words.

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