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This volume covers the exegesis of Chapter 6 (The Cattle) from verse 84 to the end of the Chapter.

The significant discussion of this volume concerns the meaning of Book and Judgment in the Qur’an. The other discussions are about the meanings of “Blessedness” (Barakah) in the Qur’an, the Universality of Creation and Divine Guidance. The readers will find the narrative discourse about how Islam considers the children of one’s daughter to be one’s own children and descendants to be quite interesting and informative.


Tawus Raja


Tawus Raja is an independent translator who has studied Qurʾanic exegesis and Islamic philosophy not through formal university or seminary education. His other works include Shining Sun: In Memory of ʿAllāmah Ṭabāṭabāʾī (London: ICAS Press, 2011), Divine Flashes of Husayn (Chicago: Great Books of the Islamic World, 2011) by Ayatullah Husayni Tihrani, and Treatise on Spiritual Journeying and Wayfaring (Chicago: Great Books of the Islamic World, 2013) by ʿAllāmah Bahr al-Ulum.


Tawheed Institute Australia Ltd.


Dr. Amina Inloes

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