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Transubstantial Motion and the Natural World: with a translation of the Asfar of Mulla Sadra-al-Burāq Sold out

Transubstantial Motion is a thought-provoking analysis of Mulla Sadra’s innovative theory of transubstantial motion. Expounding on Sadra’s theory and critique of earlier philosophers, Mahdi Dehbashi explains how the theory of transubstantial motion bridged the physical and spiritual aspects of reality and how Sadra solved the philosophical dilemmas of his era.

Also included is a translation of the chapters of al-Asfar al- Arba‘ah (The Four Spiritual Journeys) in which Mulla Sadra presents his theory and takes the reader through a rewarding discourse on the nature of space and time – a discourse only fully appreciated in the light of modern physics. In addition to discussing the physical universe, this work provides a new philosophical base for Islamic metaphysics, eschatology, ethics, and the philosophy of the human soul.

Mahdi Dehbashi is a professor of philosophy at the University of Isfahan in Iran. He has written extensively on philosophy, theology, mysticism, and literature. He holds a PhD from Fordham University where he taught briefly.

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