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Writing an Islamic Will-al-Burāq Sold out

This easy to understand book will guide you through the laws that are relevant to Muslims of our time. All concepts are discussed in a clear & precise style, from issues such as spousal shares, to child guardianship, extended family, selecting an executor, dealing with real estate, and much more.

It includes 32 color-coded charts of common estate scenarios, which easily aids you in determining the appropriate disbursements for your specific family structure and preferences. It also includes a sample form which can be easily filled out using the provided step by step guides and explanations.

This latest seventh edition features updates throughout the book, reviewing modern changes in legal issues, religious implications, frequently asked questions, and broader family dynamics.

Some overall topics & features include:

  • Is writing a will necessary?
  • Explaining the one-third option
  • What is an "estate"?
  • Who can inherit?
  • Basic Shares of the Heirs
  • Executor or Execurtix
  • Guardian of children
  • Easy to read color-coded charts for 32 different family arrangement scenarios
  • Sample form which can be customized to your specific situation and preferences
  • and much more...

Be sure to also check out this Seminar and Q&A session on writing a will, by Syed Muhammad Rizvi, and Samil Chagpar LLM. It covers:

  • How To Accurately Write Your Final Will in Accordance to Islamic Laws and Regulations
  • Legal Implications to be Considered When Living in Canada
  • Presentation By Maulana Rizvi About How An Islamic Will Works
  • Presentation By Samil Chagpar About The Importance and Process of a Will in Canadian Society
  • Question and Answer Session

(or click here to view on the Youtube website directly: https://youtu.be/sNvmFLS6BQo?t=4m9s)


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